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Diablo Sprint Car Chassis

When a local race car driver approached us about coating his new Diablo chassis in Cerakote we were intrigued. He asked if we thought the coating would hold up and if it would have any benefits over the typical Powder Coating used on the chassis. After a long discussion with him with about the benefits we could see in using Cerakote over Powder Coat he was hooked on giving it a shot. So the project was started...

Bare Chassis Arrival

Upon arrival of the chassis we realized this would be the biggest item we had coated by far. Do to its size we knew from the beginning we would be using an air cure coating. We chose to use C-Series for this application do to its color selection and easy of spraying. The client chose the color Titanium, which brought us to our next challenge.

That challenge would be how are we going to coat something this large and allow it time to dry without dirt and debris contacting it. The answer would come in the coming weeks as we ordered the supplies need and prepped the frame. That answer was to build a temporary paint booth inside the shop and that is what we did

Temporary Spray Booth

Using a pop up 10'x20' tent and plastic sheeting we built what you see above. We sealed the end and used a 12" turbine fan to vent the fumes. With everything built and the chassis prepped it was time to lay down some color.

After an hour of spraying every area was coated. From that point we spent the next week do touch ups and buffing the frame for an even finish. After the 5 day full cure the result speak for them selves. Our client had the first all Cerakoted chassis in the nation, it was chemical, heat and corrosion resistant and lighter than it Powder Coated counter parts. As you can see below the Titanium color looks amazing and we can't wait to see the car finished in the future.

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