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Series Breakdowns


Cerakote Elite Series is the strongest coating available at this time from Cerakote. Elite Series is sprayed extremely thin at 0.5 - 1 Mil thickness while maintaining class leading performance. Elite Series boasts an impressive 3000+ hours of corrosion resistance and capable of more than 8000 wear cycles. It is extreamly flexable allowing 180° mandrel bend with 0 coating loss. Elite Series also carries an impressive coefficient of friction, rivaling Teflon®. Elite Series is thermal stable to 500°F. At this time Elite Series is available in 10 colors.


Cerakote H-Series is the worlds leading thin film coating. H-Series is by far the most used series of the coatings, coming in more than 100 colors it can be used in a wide array of projects. H-Series is sprayed at 0.75 - 2 Mil thickness allowing to be used even in tight tolerance applications. H-Series coatings offer 1000-3000 hours of corrosion resistance depending on the color selected. H-Series is also quite scratch resistant with most colors caring a H9 hardness level. H-Series is thermal stable to 500°F.


Cerakote C-Series is an air cure high temperature series of coating. C-Series coatings are stable up to 1800°F and can withstand thermal shock without degrading or losing color. C-Series are also 100% UV stable and has an extremely high chemical resistance. C-Series is sprayed at 1-2 Mil thickness. Although C-Series is not as hard and corrosion resistant it still boasts a 500-1100 hours of corrosion resistance. C-Series is available in 40 colors at this time.

C-Series Colors

Glacier SERIES

Cerakote Glacier Series is an ultra high temperature coating designed from the ground up for exhaust gasses over 2,000°F. Glacier Series was also designed to withstand constant water shock at high temperatures with no adverse effects. Glacier Series is sprayed at 1-2 Mil thickness and carries the same UV stability and chemical resistance properties as C-Series. Glacier Series is available in 5 colors at this time


Cerakote GEN II NIR Series is a specialized coating designed for law enforcement and military applications. GEN II NIR is designed to manage visual and near infrared signatures and conforms to the NIR reflectivity standards outlined in MIL-DTL-44436. GEN II NIR Series carries the same corrosion and scratch resistance as H-Series. GEN II NIR Series is available in 8 colors.

GEN II NIR Series is available to law enforcement and military applications only.

GEN II NIR Series Data Sheets Are Not Available

Electrical Barrier H-900

Cerakote H-900 is a specialized ceramic coating designed to create an electrical barrier. H-900 is sprayed at 1-3 Mil thickness with a dielectric strength of 3000 V/mil. H-900 has a maximum operating temperature of 400°F. H-900 has unparalleled corrosion and impact resistance in its class. H-900 is only available in one distinct color white, due to its unique performance formulation.

Micro Slick C-110

Cerakote Micro Slick Dry Film is a coating specifically designed to reduce friction and shed oil. Micro Slick is sprayed extremely thin at 0.25 Mils so is can be used almost anywhere. Micro Slick is thermal stable to 1200°F. Micro Slick is only available in a blue/grey color.

Piston Coating

Cerakote Piston Coating is a thermal barrier coating originally designed for piston but can be used in many other applications. Piston Coating is applied at 1 Mil thickness and is thermal stable to 1800°F. Piston Coasting comes in a dark brass/gold color.

Transfer Heat Dissipation

Cerakote Transfer Heat Dissipation Coating is a submicron coating with industry leading thermal conductivity. Transfer Heat Dissipation Coating is designed for applications requiring a high thermal conductivity to transfer heat away from the energy source. Transfer Heat Dissipation Coating is applied at a 1 Mil thickness and has a thermal stability of 1200°F. Transfer Heat Dissipation Coating only comes in a grey color at this time.

Performance Clear Coats

Cerakote Performance Clear Coats have industry leading durability, hardness, scratch resistance, flexibility andchemical resistance. Cerakote Clears have been designed specifically to be the thinnest, yet strongest, clear coating on the market and can be applied to nearly any substrate. Performance Clear Coats have a thermal stability of 200-800°F depending on the specific coating. Performance Clear Coats are 100% UV stable and will not yellow or haze. Performance Clear Coats are applied at 0.25-1 Mils thickness. There are 7 specially designed Performance Clear Coats available at this time.

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