Rummans Coating Specialists

North Fort Myers, FL

Rummans Coating Specialists (RCS) is a family owned business specializing in Cerakote application. Our applicators are factory trained and certified by NIC Industries.  RCS has reached the highest level of NIC Industries Cerakote training.  We maintain our expertise through continuing education and practice. From one off custom jobs, to large scale OEM orders, RCS can handle your Cerakote needs. RCS is one of the few full service applicators supporting all industries with thin-film ceramic coating.

Rummans Coating Specialists maintains some of the highest quality with our rigorous quality control. Each item is hand inspected and metered for coating imperfections and proper application thickness. RCS uses the best equipment and materials available to ensure the final product meets your expectations.  All RCS coating is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

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Rummans Coating Specialists Basic Cerakote Certification
Rummans Coating Specialists Basic Cerakote Advanced Certification
Jonathan Advanced Cerakote Certification

we are Factory Trained & Advanced Certified by cerakote, With a lifetime guarantee on all Ceramic coatings. We hold the highest standards on all applications with rigorous quality control Standards.

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